Welcome To The Signature EDGE

The EDGE is where the magic happens. Where everything feels more powerful, more inspiring. Where you can feel your place in this world and what you are meant to do.

I know you've been working hard and I KNOW you've got something.

You jumped in - you put yourself out there. Maybe you've been booking one-off calls or maybe even had a few takers of your 3-session discounted bundle. 

But you want MORE.

Yet the feeling of not being cut out for business keeps coming back because it all feels so confusing and overwhelming! You so badly want a real, thriving, profitable business like you see others gushing about.

Let’s make it happen for you!

You need a strategy and action plan that makes sense and works for you. You need it to FEEL right - to light you up and make you feel confident. You need people to know you are the expert and you have a solution. No more jumping around ‘helping people’ without really doing the work you desire.

You need dream clients and a business that brings in the money you desire.

Where does that begin?

With a Signature Offer.

A program you become known for, get paid {well!} for, and lead people through with ease and massive results. That REAL business you have been hoping for...

It's ready for you - and so am I.


Here’s What You Can Have: 

A business that feels good:

You understand how it all works, it flows with ease, you layer in elements when you are ready, you are in complete integrity from your offers to your sales conversations. You are proud of how it's run and your clients feel the same. You are sharing your message, shining your light and contributing to something bigger. It FEELS GOOD! 

A business that fits your life:

You need a business that doesn't fall apart when your kiddo gets knocked down with the flu. You need a business where you can unplug and step into the dinner/bath/homework/bed routine without sneaking peeks at your phone every 3 minutes. You want vacations, time to move your body, time to create and have fun. 

A business that makes you money.

You have a gift. Many of them. There are women who need help and are ready to pay you - and pay you well. The work all begins with your signature offer. From there, other offers are layered in so you can scale and build customer retention.

So How Do We Get You There?

A clear, stand out message so that clients know exactly how you’ll solve their problems and why they need to hire you.

A well-thought out attraction plan to bring in new clients ready to work with you so you're not spending hours of your week on the phone with people who barely remember booking a "discovery call".

An empowered frame of mind that allows you to work through the challenges, decisions and inevitable emotions that come with unwrapping your ideas and implementing them.

A simplified and done-with-you approach to technology where nothing 'techy' holds you back from doing what you are meant to. Set up so you actually understand how your business works, can update as needed and layer in new elements as you expand.

A signature program customized and unique to you that establishes your authority, gets results, is fully automated and can be scaled.

Accountability and ongoing support to own your magic and move through the decisions needed to implement your business.

I know what you're thinking...


Sounds good but there's just SO much to think through and put together, right?

If you’ve ever thought about stepping into a bigger offering or looked into what it took, you likely got overwhelmed and thought “there’s no way I can do all that”. 

Watching just one video on setting up a funnel can leave your head spinning let alone
Nurture Sequences
Social Media Ads
Client On-boarding
Content Strategy

...the list can seem endless and honestly keeps most people from stepping into more.

The truth is, getting a high-end coaching program up and running DOES take some focused action.

The good news?

You are going to be grinning from ear to ear and thanking your lucky stars when you find out what this program will do for you.

I KNOW you have magic in you - that’s the kind of women I’m drawn to.  Women with a passion for helping others who deeply value connection.

I don’t want you settling for selling $197 bundles, wishing people would stop rescheduling, knowing you have only scratched the surface of what you (and your client!) are capable of. 

I want you to have a signature program you are fired up about.

A business you know what the heck to work on every day.

A clear path for the future so you know how to scale and make more offers.

Breathe that in for a second.

This program will give you everything you need to create and implement your dream coaching business. Doesn’t that feel SO good?!? Can’t you see that for yourself - finally one of those coaches who gushes about her clients and feels lit up about the work she’s doing?

Don’t let another moment of overwhelm hold you back!

No idea on what a lead magnet should look like?
No problem, we’ve got options and I’ll walk you through it making sure you don’t miss the key elements. 

Does the thought of a sales page freak you out?
Here, I’ll share this epic one and you’ll have clients booking calls in no time.

Don’t even have a domain?
We’ll set it up and get your email dialed in too.

Panic at the thought of a sales call?
With this training and practice you’ll get excited every time you get on the phone.

Clueless on what you should post and where?
Not anymore, you’ve got a content calendar - let’s rock it.

Are you catching on here to this magic?

I created this program because I see so many incredible women with gifts to share but they don’t execute on them because of the overwhelm and limiting beliefs around what is possible.

We’re going to change all that together.

Introducing: The Signature Edge


The Signature EDGE gives you everything you need to launch your premium coaching business. With a combination of the right strategy, mindset and money, you will create and implement the business of your dreams.

The Signature EDGE includes:

business foundations

Nailing The Trifecta: You, Her & THE Problem

Clarity on yourself, who you serve and the problem you solve is what will set you apart. You need to shine a light on what you believe and what you are here for and learn how to share it in a way that resonates. In order to do this, you also need to completely understand her - your ideal client. Knowing how she feels, what she thinks and how she acts will make her feel seen and understood…and that connection is what will convert her to a client.

Friends for Life (6).png

Offers On Lockdown

We’ll lay out your value/offer ladder to hone in on the offers needed now, 6 months from now and in a year.

We’ll then focus on your signature offer and the 6 key components to designing a premium package that sells. From the curriculum, pricing and bonuses we’ll ensure you have the best options for your time and your clients results.

We’ll of course layer in the financial part to ensure you are creating an offer that makes you the money you desire.

High-end offers

Slaying Your High-Ticket Sales

The lead to enrollment journey is different for premium programs so we’ll map out everything you need. You’ll have strategies that include organic leads (free) AND paid leads - a powerful hybrid that will keep your calendar full! We’ll make sure you have the right connection points, know how to minimize the drop rate (booking a call and not showing up) and get clear on your weekly goal for booking calls and clients.

A premium program also requires a killer sales page. A page where your dream client reads about the program, feels so aligned and clear it’s what she needs and books the consult on the spot.

We’ll also cover enrolling these gorgeous souls into your program, ensuring their experience is everything you both desire, and the 3 R’s that will keep your business booming - reference, referral and retention.

sales calls

Stand Out Marketing & Content Creation

Your marketing plan will drive your activities each month. We’ll create your quarterly and monthly calendar and implement a weekly goal setting process to keep you on track.

Here we’ll decide on your core content method - the one that makes you shine and how to batch your work so you get it all done.

We’ll cover the content types you need to be posting in order to attract the right people to you and the strategic plan you need to be in the right places. All while leveraging where you shine and repurposing in a way that frees up your time!

marketing plan

Grow Baby, Grow!

Your email list is pure gold and knowing how to talk to the gorgeous women on it is key for success. We’ll create a free lead magnet/opt-in and the email sequence that beings to nurture you leads. This piece of content provides people a first look at what you do, who you are and why it matters to them.

coaching bonus

I absolutely love women who take action and I can’t wait to gift these to you!

BONUS 1: Pay in full and receive $400 off the program versus the payment plan.

BONUS 2: “My First Facebook Ad” Training. Everything you need to confidently run your first ad to generate leads to that incredible opt-in we created.

BONUS 3: The CARE Money Method. Created for new coaches (or those ignoring their business money!) so you can easily & confidently compile, analyze, reflect and execute each month and nail those profit goals!

How Does It All Work?

For 10 weeks we’ll get on the phone weekly for the most epic, high-vibe focus on YOUR business. We’ll tackle any resistance or challenges, review what’s working and what need to come next. You will have my complete focus and attention as you execute on your dreams.

Each section of the program comes with videos, worksheets, tutorials, tech tools - everything you need to move forward AND come back to review if needed. You of course get access to the content forever, as well as updates!

I created the Signature EDGE because I believe it’s THE way to get more amazing women like you sharing your gifts that are so needed in this world.

This program gives you everything you need to have the coaching business you desire. The clients, the income, the connection and the results.

Are you ready to embrace your EDGE?


$4700 pay in full

or three payments of $1700

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