Find Your Signature Edge

It's your turn.

It's your time to stand out from the crowd, expand your presence and have the fully booked coaching program you dream of!

Here's the deal: Running a business of any kind is a serious undertaking and leaves most people burnt-out and broke. Your MAGIC is too important to fall into that awful failed business statistic. 

Trying to do it alone is like running a marathon without training. Or without sneakers. Or water. it's just NOT a good idea. I wouldn't actually know because I can barely run down the street after my escapee pup, but you get what I'm saying.

Maybe you're doing a lot of things right now...but I'm guessing it's not strategic work that is bringing in clients and cash. It's so easy to jump to trying this and that and posting and wishing. Maybe I need Pinterest! Yes, that's it! Maybe YouTube Ads! Oh, what about LinkedIn!?! Let me go check my profile from 2007. That stuff is a distraction, not a strategy.

The only thing you actually need is a simple approach that brings dream clients to your door with money in hand.  

Then you help them.

Oh yeah, that's why you started this whole coaching business, isn't it?

If you are ready to:

  • Bring in profits that actually pay the bills and change your life
  • Consistently have clients that fill your heart and gush about you (hello, referrals!) 
  • Get noticed with your powerful message and purpose
  • Build a business that your family loves too because you are flexible and available

The Signature EDGE is for you.

We're going to take you from the frustrated, overwhelming, time-sucking state of working ON your business to an incredible, profitable FULLY IMPLEMENTED client and cash generating machine. 

HOW is this all going to happen?

I'm going to be your back-pocket bad-ass business partner for 8 weeks. 

8 weeks of my complete attention, focus, drive and skills ALL FOR YOU.

You're going to punch me in the face for saying this but business is actually easy for me.  BUT, it's because I have degrees, incredible experience, mentors that blow my mind and it just has become engrained in me. 

YOUR magic is the same way. Whether it's inherent talent, a learned skill, or both, what you do is something no one else can. 

Together, we'll turn that into a business that WORKS. 

One that fits your life, fills your heart and makes you bank.

So what IS the Signature Edge?

  • It's a 'done WITH you' model so that we don't just talk about what you should do, we actually DO it. The customized strategy, framework and detailed plan will take your business from "hobby-land, dabbling, kind of have some clients" to epic, profit generating legit business status.
  • The powerful combination of emotional and practical work required to have the confidence and clarity to make the right business decisions for you.
  • A clear distinction of what's now versus what's next (or never!) so that you know where to focus instead of dabbling and spreading yourself (& your message!) too thin.
  • A financial plan for your business that ties back to your life so you can start using your profits to make the choices you desire.
  • We go beyond just strategy and ideas and get to work building out what you need. From email marketing to sales pages, we're rolling up our sleeves and getting it done so that your business is up and running instead of sitting on a whiteboard.

What's included in the EDGE?

  • The Signature EDGE was created to give you a guided approach to implement a business that feels good, fits your life and makes you money.
  • The core beliefs woven throughout are
    • Running a business with ease (I'm a mama to 2 kiddos and have a capacity for stress about the size of a marble)
    • Client-focused always wins. That does not mean no boundaries and customer-always-right, it means always having an eye toward the customer experience and their success.
    • Integrity. Always. 


Mindset is king. I could map out and implement an entire business plan for you but if your mind isn't with me, it will sit there sad and unused. 

As you've navigated the online business space you may have felt overwhelmed, alone, not-enough or ill equipped. That ends here.

We dive into decision making, success habits, energy, money, your voice and visibility.


The excitement builds as we start to map out the magic. We develop your priorities and decision framework, work and content schedule (tied to your priorities & financial goals), work on your dream client and the stories of your life that tie into your business.

Then together we map out your signature program. The method or system that YOU use to help your clients transform. 

We'll also develop your unique client attraction system so you have the structure in place to draw the right people to your program with ease - no more chasing down or posting and hoping! 


Growth is always happening within us and reflects in our business. We'll work on what YOU need to grow and also how to grow your following. We'll implement marketing strategies that grow your list, Facebook Group. 


Now that you have your incredible program it's time to change lives. We'll work on sales calls, on-boarding clients, creating your teaching materials, and keys for long-term success. 

To finish the program we'll also work on your scale plan so you are clear how to take your business to the next level.