I Do Things A Little Differently…

(and I think you should too!)

Have you ever gotten on a “discovery call” or a “strategy session” where you thought you’d get some epic advice and input and it turned out to be this awful, twist-the-knife sales call? They probably made you feel terrible about yourself with those scripted “and how long have you been wanting this and failing?” questions. Yuck!

I can’t believe this is what someone decided was a good idea to teach everyone. Book in as many discovery calls as you can, daggers raised and convince them they are useless and can’t get it done, offer a one-time only discount only while on the phone and you’ll likely “close” a few each week. That sounds awful.

How About This:

We get on the phone, jam about where you’re at and where you want to go.

We talk about whether the Signature EDGE is what you need to finally create the business you desire.

If yes, oh man, get excited!

If no, you walk away with some great ideas you can walk away with and implement. Note I didn’t say you ignore and do nothing with. I am on a mission to get as many women sharing their gifts as possible so you can’t keep this in the back of your mind. The world needs you so keep moving forward.

Seem crazy to be so forward about why I get on the phone? Not really. I’d much rather be transparent than feel like I’m sliding in and catching you off guard.

Women who hop on the phone with me have read about the Signature EDGE (here) checked the FAQ’s (here), are in my Facebook Group (here), likely done the offer opt-in (here), and stalked my IG account (here). They’ve also read my emails, watched the videos and KNOW I am the one for them. They have done their homework. They believe in the same stuff that I do (integrity, no-shame marketing, pizza…ok, that’s optional).

They are fired up knowing they will come away with a fully implemented business and have a hell of a lot of fun along the way.

SO, I either end up with AH-MAZING clients or I leave having given epic ideas and strategy to her. Win-win.

So if you’re more NEW to me, go do some of those things. If my words, my approach, my biz talents line up with what you need, BOOK THE CALL! It does not put you under any obligation at all, I just want you to know who I am and what I offer before we talk. Which, btw makes the call SO fun because we can focus on YOOOOUUUU!

And not a single bad vibe in the world if it’s not a good fit - just be honest and let’s point you in the right direction of what would fit for you so you can go off and do big things!

SO…Ready to Talk?

Choose a time & fill out the form. Go you!