You are getting sales emails for an amazing course you want. You're excited, nervous, it's a big investment.

You finally take a deep breath and hand over your $2K. SO excited, feel like you just jumped in with 2 feet.  The next day you get an email "Don't miss out - last chance to get the bonus offers! Join now!"

Womp, womp. Your big ol happy bubble gets popped.

But I DID invest. Didn't you SEE ME?
Every single customer should be celebrated and seen.

Wouldn't you have rather been REMOVED from that sales sequence and into a "You are amazing, get ready to change your life" one?

ConvertKit lets us do that with ease with their new visual automations. See your customers and all they do.

Are there other email service providers that can do this? Yep. I just like CK the most.


With online businesses you need to be able to have funnels for all kinds of things. Your opt-ins, webinars, sales pages.

CF allows you to get it done yourself.  Integrating domains, email and payment with ease. Sure, there will be a day you outsource it all, but a killer sales page is thousands of dollars.

Every time you have a great idea for an opt-in do you want to have to call someone & pay or just crank it out yourself? And by crank it out, all you do is copy an existing funnel, swap out the content and boom. Done.

Funnels can also be shared (yep, we can work together to take one of my templates and make it yours!)

Comes with a 14 day free trial.


I already love zoom for meetings so I upgraded to the the webinars and I love it.

I can stream to Facebook Live which is great for me because I share my screen a lot.

You can also use their registration functionality for emailing and hosting the webinar but I prefer to create a 'watch room' in Clickfunnels so it's branded and I can include Call To Action buttons.


No easier way to get on the phone with potential clients and the ones you're working with. Syncs with Google, customize the emails that are sent, create forms, set up different types of appointments - everything you need!