Why Selling High-Ticket Offers Is Easier Than Low-Priced Offers

This week I’m talking about why you should be starting with a high-ticket offer. Backwards? Not when you hear these reasons why!

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Transcript below if you’d prefer to read:

Hey there, how are you? I’m Joanne Mosellen, a business mentor for online coaches, helping them create the right offers and find the right people to help grow a business that feels good, fits their life and makes them money.

Today we’re here to talk about why having a more - you may have heard it called a “premium” or “high-ticket” offer - is actually easier than selling low end. That may be a little counterintuitive to what you may think, but I want to share with you reasons why and reasons why when I bring clients into my program, I really encourage them to focus on this premium signature offer, rather than starting out kind of tiptoeing into their business with smaller offers.

So first of all, the first reason is it's really a numbers game. So when you think about needing to bring income into your business - you’re going to do that with your offers. So if you have a $97 offer and you have an income goal of $5K - $10K a month, you’re going to need to sell a lot of those offers. Some people think yeah but if it’s lower price then everyone will buy it, it will be great...but the reality is, just 2-5% of your audience purchases. So if you look at your email list and if you’re new and growing, I always celebrate who you do have on your list, but if your list is only a hundred people and you're selling a $97 offer and you're looking at 2-5% of people buying, you’re not going to hit your income goals.

So it is much easier to sell just 2 or 3, 4 spots a month into your higher-ticket program and reach your revenue goals.

Second, a little bit of a practicality is that if you do have a good-sized audience and you want to sell a lower ticket offer and you want to sell to the masses - sounds very exciting, right? You have all these people coming to you. Supporting all of those people is a whole other story. So you’re going to have to start thinking of a team. You’re going to have to have customer service, maybe some tech support, some things like that.

While I do love growing a team, I think it’s wonderful, I want to make sure that your energy and your focus is on serving the people and doing the work you want to be doing. So you may not, when you’re starting out, want to have to deal with managing a team. So by having a few people as clients you could easily handle that yourself or layer in help with a virtual assistant.

So, now moving into more of the purpose, emotion, connection and heart of what you do…When you have somebody investing thousands of dollars into your program, you immediately have a more committed client who is likely to not only finish your program but get the transformation she is looking for.

Transformation & change is hard for people - they have likely tried numerous things and this is why they need your help. When you have somebody who has spent $97 on a program and they come up against these - whether it's mindset blocks or emotions or resistance -  it is a lot easier for them to walk away from a $97 product than it is from a $3,000 program. This client who is invested...she’s not going to walk away. So not only does she get the transformation, but you get that emotional fulfillment for having the impact that you’re looking for. That’s why you’re here - you’re not here to sell and not worry about what happens. Even though we can't control the success of our clients, being a part of somebody’s journey like that - I know is what you’re looking for. It’s really such a beautiful thing when that person shows up.

The last thing is that by having a higher value, high-end premium offer, you really stay focused on that offer and it actually allows you to grow more quickly. Here’s what I see...people that are putting out smaller priced offers, you're often putting out all kinds of different things, trying different things. “Oh, it’s only $97 bucks we’ll do this and try this”.

For somebody who's watching you, for your audience, it can become very scattered for them. It can dilute what you’re there to solve. What problem you’re there to solve. When you have a more premium packaged program and a solution/transformation that you provide for people, you are focused on this. You are serving these incredible clients, you are showing up for them, they're getting transformations, they're talking about you...it becomes this journey and that momentum, that consistency and your messaging is really important for your brand.

It might take a few rounds of this program before you feel that momentum but that focus brings so much ease to your business. Your entire content strategy, everything you talk about, the free trainings that you do, the work that you do with these clients - the work you do perhaps after as continuation work, it's all very clear because you have THE offer. So rather than wondering ‘what should I be marketing this month, what should I be talking about? What should I launch?....should I do this? that?....You have your offer and it's absolutely amazing.

So your goal, your focus is honing in on that message, reacting to perhaps any changes that you need to make after people have continued to go through the program -  what more can you be doing, what else do they need? It allows you to just focus and that growth comes so much easier and faster when you’re focused and have consistency.  That growth is going to be on a premium price program which is absolutely amazing.

It’s such a powerful place to start with this premium program. I really encourage you to take a look at what the work is that you do, what the offer that you want to have is, what problem you want to solve and really think about how you can shift into a more premium priced program.  

I love doing this - one of my favorite things with my clients - is moving them from working in really a time for money exchange - book an appointment for $97 maybe it’s a bundle of 3 will work for $249 - into a journey, a program that they take their clients through. It’s really a beautiful thing and like it said it gives so much clarity and excitement about what you offer. You have a thing!

It really helps you with all your messaging, everything around it and really gives you the opportunity to have that impact I know you desire. The women I work with are very giving, service-oriented, heart centered people and truly know the power of change and helping people change and so this is really the best way to do that.

If you need support in any of this, please get in touch with me, my information is down below.   One of my favorite things to take people through is evaluating their offer and how they can bring that into the marketplace and find the right women, the people who are ready for that change.  

Thank you so much and I really encourage you to dive into this and see what you come up with for your offer.