It's OK to want MORE

This week I’m talking about women - specifically mamas - recognizing that you want MORE…and it’s ok!

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Transcript below:

Hello! Joanne Mosellen here. I help online coaches create offers and find clients so that they have an incredible business that feels good, fits their life and makes them money.

Today I want to share just a quick story with you about a wonderful conversation I had with a woman the other day and it's all about - my message to you today is it’s ok to want MORE.

We had this conversation - we were sitting and watching our kids at swim practice - and talking about this desire to step into entrepreneurship, this desire to do something more. See we had both been home with our children as stay-at-home moms.  While our children are amazing, we both admitted that we need more in our life and that running the house and taking care of all of those things - although those are tasks that needed to be done, we didn't want it to be our existence.

It felt really good to admit this and have this conversation because I think while there's an acknowledgement that we are so grateful and blessed to have been able to be home with our children, I know that’s not something everyone is able to do, it felt really good to admit that it’s not enough for us. We crave a deeper connection, a deeper impact on other people - as well as a deep impact and connection with our children and our spouses.

So I just want to take a moment today and tell you that if in your heart whether you're working or at home or whatever it may be, if you have a tug in your heart for stepping into something maybe a little bit different and fulfilling kind of this dream about connecting with others, having an impact on others, helping other people...that I really encourage you to pursue that. I think it’s a conversation that is really exciting and watching women get lit up about what's possible for them I think is really remarkable.

And so my advice to you if you're in this situation is really follow the signs, follow the nudges. You're going to have a conversation...you're going to read something...you're going to see something pop up on Instagram...and I just want you to kind of start putting the pieces together.

Allow yourself time to journal. Journaling is a really powerful thing. If you can get up a little bit earlier in the morning or maybe it's before you go to bed at night, allow yourself a little bit of time to just start writing.  Maybe if you need some prompts you can look into some typical journal prompts that people have...but I really just like free writing and just allowing my heart to open up.

Instead of constantly being in the state of giving to others - you know my children, my family and all of these things, like constantly having to DO things, it allows me this time to just let my heart open and receive and tune in. When you can tune into that, it's going to help you lead to the path of what might be next for you.

So if you are someone who has a passion, has a heart for helping others, I think you are really remarkable and I think you’re really needed in this world.  If you have this idea, this desire to step into doing something, please do it.  Find others around you who support you. I'm here online - I love having these conversations and you know just allow this to unfold for you because it's a really powerful thing and there are women and men and children who need your help. So being able to be in this space is a really beautiful thing.

So that’s it for today, I just wanted to let you know it's okay - it's MORE THAN okay, it's EXCITING to want something more in your life and I'm here to support you on that journey.

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Why Selling High-Ticket Offers Is Easier Than Low-Priced Offers

This week I’m talking about why you should be starting with a high-ticket offer. Backwards? Not when you hear these reasons why!

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Transcript below if you’d prefer to read:

Hey there, how are you? I’m Joanne Mosellen, a business mentor for online coaches, helping them create the right offers and find the right people to help grow a business that feels good, fits their life and makes them money.

Today we’re here to talk about why having a more - you may have heard it called a “premium” or “high-ticket” offer - is actually easier than selling low end. That may be a little counterintuitive to what you may think, but I want to share with you reasons why and reasons why when I bring clients into my program, I really encourage them to focus on this premium signature offer, rather than starting out kind of tiptoeing into their business with smaller offers.

So first of all, the first reason is it's really a numbers game. So when you think about needing to bring income into your business - you’re going to do that with your offers. So if you have a $97 offer and you have an income goal of $5K - $10K a month, you’re going to need to sell a lot of those offers. Some people think yeah but if it’s lower price then everyone will buy it, it will be great...but the reality is, just 2-5% of your audience purchases. So if you look at your email list and if you’re new and growing, I always celebrate who you do have on your list, but if your list is only a hundred people and you're selling a $97 offer and you're looking at 2-5% of people buying, you’re not going to hit your income goals.

So it is much easier to sell just 2 or 3, 4 spots a month into your higher-ticket program and reach your revenue goals.

Second, a little bit of a practicality is that if you do have a good-sized audience and you want to sell a lower ticket offer and you want to sell to the masses - sounds very exciting, right? You have all these people coming to you. Supporting all of those people is a whole other story. So you’re going to have to start thinking of a team. You’re going to have to have customer service, maybe some tech support, some things like that.

While I do love growing a team, I think it’s wonderful, I want to make sure that your energy and your focus is on serving the people and doing the work you want to be doing. So you may not, when you’re starting out, want to have to deal with managing a team. So by having a few people as clients you could easily handle that yourself or layer in help with a virtual assistant.

So, now moving into more of the purpose, emotion, connection and heart of what you do…When you have somebody investing thousands of dollars into your program, you immediately have a more committed client who is likely to not only finish your program but get the transformation she is looking for.

Transformation & change is hard for people - they have likely tried numerous things and this is why they need your help. When you have somebody who has spent $97 on a program and they come up against these - whether it's mindset blocks or emotions or resistance -  it is a lot easier for them to walk away from a $97 product than it is from a $3,000 program. This client who is invested...she’s not going to walk away. So not only does she get the transformation, but you get that emotional fulfillment for having the impact that you’re looking for. That’s why you’re here - you’re not here to sell and not worry about what happens. Even though we can't control the success of our clients, being a part of somebody’s journey like that - I know is what you’re looking for. It’s really such a beautiful thing when that person shows up.

The last thing is that by having a higher value, high-end premium offer, you really stay focused on that offer and it actually allows you to grow more quickly. Here’s what I see...people that are putting out smaller priced offers, you're often putting out all kinds of different things, trying different things. “Oh, it’s only $97 bucks we’ll do this and try this”.

For somebody who's watching you, for your audience, it can become very scattered for them. It can dilute what you’re there to solve. What problem you’re there to solve. When you have a more premium packaged program and a solution/transformation that you provide for people, you are focused on this. You are serving these incredible clients, you are showing up for them, they're getting transformations, they're talking about you...it becomes this journey and that momentum, that consistency and your messaging is really important for your brand.

It might take a few rounds of this program before you feel that momentum but that focus brings so much ease to your business. Your entire content strategy, everything you talk about, the free trainings that you do, the work that you do with these clients - the work you do perhaps after as continuation work, it's all very clear because you have THE offer. So rather than wondering ‘what should I be marketing this month, what should I be talking about? What should I launch?....should I do this? that?....You have your offer and it's absolutely amazing.

So your goal, your focus is honing in on that message, reacting to perhaps any changes that you need to make after people have continued to go through the program -  what more can you be doing, what else do they need? It allows you to just focus and that growth comes so much easier and faster when you’re focused and have consistency.  That growth is going to be on a premium price program which is absolutely amazing.

It’s such a powerful place to start with this premium program. I really encourage you to take a look at what the work is that you do, what the offer that you want to have is, what problem you want to solve and really think about how you can shift into a more premium priced program.  

I love doing this - one of my favorite things with my clients - is moving them from working in really a time for money exchange - book an appointment for $97 maybe it’s a bundle of 3 will work for $249 - into a journey, a program that they take their clients through. It’s really a beautiful thing and like it said it gives so much clarity and excitement about what you offer. You have a thing!

It really helps you with all your messaging, everything around it and really gives you the opportunity to have that impact I know you desire. The women I work with are very giving, service-oriented, heart centered people and truly know the power of change and helping people change and so this is really the best way to do that.

If you need support in any of this, please get in touch with me, my information is down below.   One of my favorite things to take people through is evaluating their offer and how they can bring that into the marketplace and find the right women, the people who are ready for that change.  

Thank you so much and I really encourage you to dive into this and see what you come up with for your offer.

6 FREE Ways To Grow Your Email List

How many times have you heard someone say they are taking a break from email?

Ummm…never, right?

Yet people are taking Facebook, IG, etc off their phones.

They are ‘going dark’ for a few days or a month.

Which means that email marketing is STILL gold. It’s so powerful because it’s not just a ‘social platform’ like Facebook and Instagram - people expect to see promotions. Also, people have CHOSEN to invite you to the space (via opting in) so they are a warmer audience for you. Also, you can track what people are interested in via their click activity. Do you know how amazing it is to see the names of the people who clicked through to read about your high end offer?

Think maybe a good next step is scoping out their social media, seeing where they’re at and sending a genuine message to them? Yeah.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a firm believer in the power of a social media presence for our businesses, BUT you have to be driving people to your email list.

You KNOW this…but are you DOING it?

The number one reason I see people avoiding growing their list?

They think they should wait until they have money to spend on ads.


No, no, no.

Let’s get you started NOW.

I’m going to give you 6 places to slap that killer opt-in link down and start getting people on your LIST!

Real quick…I teach women how to create premium offers. That means beaucoup bucks for their programs.

You DO NOT need thousands and thousands on your list for this! It’s more about the quality here, my friends!

What you need:

  1. Your opt-in. Obvs.

  2. A landing page

  3. Email service provider that’s going to zip that amazing opt-in right over to her inbox…and then follow up with 5+ emails over the next few weeks that makes her say “WOAH, I need to work with this woman.”


1] On your personal AND business facebook page, change the header to a promo for your opt-in.

Something like this:

hello there.png

Even though you can’t actually CLICK through on a link, when they click on the photo, you know what pops up…the Description! RIGHT AT THE TOP say ‘Here’s the FREE photo editor” and drop the link. Then write a couple bullet points of what they’ll get and drop the link again.

On your Facebook Business Page they even make this easier by giving you that awesome button you can customize! Sign-Up Now is a great one and you can even modify your header to use an arrow to point to it.

hello there (1).png

2] In your Facebook Group, you can ask questions that people answer before you accept them into the group. Make one of your questions ‘Can I send you my FREE photo editor so your holiday card finally looks amazing this year?’ Great! Drop your email below:

Yes, this is manual. No, there is no way to save the email after you accept them.

Is it worth it? YES. Carve out 5 minutes every couple days and crank through adding the emails to your ESP (email service provider) and accept members. When I’m on the go and accepting I just screenshot their answers and do it later.

My ESP is set up that I add the subscriber and add a tag. The tag triggers the email to go out. Ah, my love of Convertkit.

3] Instagram bio - put the link to your landing page. No, you shouldn’t use linktr.ee. You give people too many options and they just get confused and suddenly they are clicking on something else and you’ve lost them. One direct link to something that can HELP them and let them know what they’ll get.

4] Post about it. Obvious, but when is the last time you did it? Now, don’t just throw it out there and say ‘hey, grab my free checklist’. It’s an offer - a micro step to them taking action with you so make it a real post. Just because it’s free doesn’t mean you don’t have to promote it in the right way. Have a hook, a headline, the body and the CTA. Let them know why they need it. What their problem is, where they want to be and how this solves it. Use screenshots of a testimonial as social proof.

5] Other people’s groups. There are 3 ways you can do this, we’ll call them Ok, Better and Best.

OK method: Have a spreadsheet or tracking method for all the groups and when you’re allowed to promote. Usually it’s only on a designated post on a designated day. Jump in and add your link, hoping someone will read through instead of just posting their own…hmmm…

Better method: Create your own post - IF ALLOWED - and make the offer. Again, remembering this has to be a real offer. You can have people comment then send them the link. BTW, this is also a great way to build your messenger list when you’re ready for that.

Best method: Work hard to Be HELPFUL and add VALUE on other people’s questions on posts. Within your comment, allude to/mention the tool you have that can help. By ‘allude’ I mean make this a real conversation. Don’t say ‘You can download my checklist with 8 bonus tips!' - that’s not a conversation. What IS a conversation and creates intrigue is something like ‘I now use a a 5-step process when prepping for a sales call that has doubled the clients I get. It feels SO much better and more like ME.” That will lead to people saying, ‘oh, that sounds amazing, are you willing to share?’. Why yes, of course you are. You reply with ‘of course! I’ll message you’!

A real life example: I am in a group and was helping out on a post on pricing. I offered my genuine advice and then said ‘I actually created a calculator that shows my clients how much money they can make each year at different package prices for their 8, 10 or 12 week program. It really helps them see the options and what’s possible.’

Guess what happened? I got comment after comment of ‘can I see that calculator?’ ‘Do you mind sharing it to me too?’. So I then message them the link to the opt-in. {To clarify, this IS a tool that I use with my 1:1 clients, but I also chose to turn it into a lead magnet because it really IS a powerful way to see how just a $500 change in your program price or moving up to 8 clients can impact your life}.

I got over 30 replies to MY comment on someone else’s post. On a Sunday a woman opt-ed in, scheduled a call with me two days later and paid in full for my 1:1 coaching program the next morning. She is amazing and it’s an honor to parter with her.

This strategy works because it allows you to genuinely be helpful and THEN make a micro-offer that can help further.

I do have to also chime in and say that you of course need a killer opt-in and a powerful email sequence. It wasn’t a coincidence she hopped on a call with me ;)

6] Leverage other people’s audiences. Find someone with an audience that could benefit from your offer. ADD VALUE to them via hopping on a live interview, doing a guest blog, do an IG story takeover. Then your CTA (call-to-action) at the end is to grab your opt-in. Again, remembering this is an offer - you need to articulate how enticing it is and how it can help them!

Obviously this list can go on and on as you expand what social media platforms you are on but the point is to STOP WAITING and start growing that list!

Are ads and automation amazing and fun? Yep.

Should you put everything on hold until you’re ready for ads? Uh…no.

Oh, and…I’d be remiss if I didn’t say that I think people also try to scale before they are ready. They dismiss 1:1 work because the ‘experts’ told them it’s not sustainable. Yeah, I call BS on that. 1:1 work is amazing and when you see how much you can make from just 6 or 8 clients at a time, I think you’ll agree. Go play with this calculator and let yourself SEE what’s possible!


Let’s do this together,


I Probably Shouldn't Have Done This, BUT...


I was dealing with some major resistance regarding sales calls. So much resistance, in fact, that I wasn't putting offers out there. 

Weird thing is I have NO issues hopping on the phone and talking with someone. 

I am 100% confident in my pricing - I don't cringe at bringing it up.

I KNOW my program will change the way you do business.

So what was my hangup?

I was trained to use a 'sales script' that I had been given by a coach. And I HATED it.

I figured something was just wrong with me {as I’ve seen SO many people with this approach} and that I just had to get used to it. 


One KEY element to what I teach is a business that FEELS good. 

That means that sometimes the stuff you're taught is just not for you.

So here's what I did to make sure I wasn't just being crazy: I booked a "discovery call" with a woman who's program I was intrigued by...even though I had no intention to buy.

Ok, that's kind of not cool. I don't advocate wasting someone's time...BUT, I also knew this would be a program I would be interested in for the future so I justified it ;)

Being led through her process/script was quite frankly awful.

Pushy, shaming, judgmental. 

She made me feel SMALL. 

Why on earth would I ever want to work with someone that made me feel that way? Shamed into buying?

Why on earth would YOU ever take on a sales process that made people feel that way?

YES, of course getting people enrolled in your program is huge, but it needs to be done in a way that leaves everyone feeling GOOD about the decision. 

Sales calls CAN be a beautiful experience for everyone. It takes 3 key elements (that I now teach within my program because doing it this way is SO much better): 

1) Pre-qualifying the person before you even get on the phone. They will know they belong there with you and so will you.

2) A pre-call nurture sequence so that you are not strangers meeting for the first time. You should not be having them book a call and then saying hi for the first time when you get on the phone.

3) LISTENING. You don't need to be coaching, training, offering too much advice.  And they've already learned about YOU from points 1 & 2 above so no ranting on about yo self.  A client needs to know they are seen, heard and understood and it begins on that call.  It's a balance of maintaining control of the call, asking the right questions and leading them to enrollment.

THAT is an approach that feels right.

This is YOUR business, your life, your story to share. 

Stay you.


Are You Using Automation All Wrong?


I connected with someone recently who was SO excited about the discovery calls that she had on her calendar. A couple women she'd LOVE to work with. She saw the appointment come through, let her mind race with excitement about the potential of booking these ladies into her new coaching program.

This was it. It was HAPPENING! 

The first day came and she got her webcam all set up, made sure the lighting was right, had her notes, it was go time! 

She logged on and waited.


Maybe she's just late...she gave her a few more minutes. 

You know where this is going, right? The woman no-showed. 

My friend felt defeated, frustrated and let down. Who does that?

Well, frankly, a lot of people.  Hold tight and I'll tell you why.

The second call didn't go so well either. It was over the phone and at least the woman picked up - as she frantically raced through a store with kids in tow. 

Ugh. Certainly not someone focused to listen and feel the impact of what her program could do. 

So what happened? Why was she so invested and these callers weren't?

She wasn't a priority.

And it was her own fault.

See, the thing with automation is that it's amazing - it makes the flow of your business so smooth. But you also need to remember the client perspective - it makes booking an appointment SO easy - almost like a no-brainer where they can kind of forget they did it.

So while you're all excited and filled with anticipation about the possibility, they hardly remember your name.


SO..what do we do about it?

As a coach, your job begins the moment that call is booked.

Leading up to the call, this potential client should be receiving a series of emails that leaves them planning their kids TV time around your call. 

A non-negotiable, mommy is BUSY, don't mess with me moment.

Whether it's copy, a few videos {super quick but powerful} or link to a moving blog post, these women should be thinking 'holy shit, I get to get on the phone with this person!'

They will make it happen just like that cup of coffee in the morning is an absolute given.

See, the scheduler you use is merely your calendar. 

You need to go beyond and make the CONNECTION if you hope to bring clients into your business. They should know and like you before they even get on the phone with you! 

Make them curious and intrigued. Make them feel welcomed in your world. Make them know that this time with you is a total game-changer! That they booked with you for a reason and it's time to see it through.

You've got this. 


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What Is It About Those Millennial #bossbabes?


They get me so fired up.

The passion, the willingness to walk away from ‘traditional’ things like college and corporate jobs.

Man they are badass and beautiful.

They make time for yoga and celery juice and colonics and eyelash extensions. They wear cute rompers and drink fancy coffee replacements.

I’ve watched their IG stories and their posts and they’ve WORKED hard. They have worked YEARS to build up their following and clients. I’m not at all implying that they snapped their fingers and it all happened.

They have raving fans who buy what they put out or what they recommend.

Thousands of clients, sold out programs, podcasts with a million downloads, retreats in Bali?!? At 22, 25, 28?!?!

Hot damn. Maybe if I act like them, do those things, maybe I can have that too!

You guys. I have a confession.

I tried on a romper at the store the other day. I’m not even kidding you.

I should have snapped a pic to remember the moment of what to NEVER EVER do again.

Just like that romper that snugged in all the wrong places, trying to fit in to something you’re not will never work.

Because here’s the truth.

I am not a millenial. Duh.

I am a 41 year old woman.

I have 2 degrees, an incredible career under my belt. I didn’t drop out of college. I worked my ass off to finish it. Then worked my ass of again for my MBA.

I have a husband and 2 children with tutors and baseball and Taekwondo and swim practice. Volunteering at the school, homework, family game night, indulging my daughter’s passion for baking.

I love it, but I can hardly keep our schedule together let alone jet off to BALI.


I do.

Their passion and tenacity and willingness to go for it.

Their self-awareness, willingness to put themselves out there...it makes you believe that incredible things are possible.

I loved watching but there was always that sense that I didn't belong. I mean I could be their MOM, lol!

I had to accept that my people, my tribe...were not theirs. And they were not mine. MY life, MY story was not the same.

Ok, so kind of obvious...but why after this realization am I still watching and commenting?

I was so drawn to them...why??

Was it envy?

Was it wishing my path had been different?

No - I am proud of my education and my career. I LOVED corporate life. Those people and mentors taught me so much.

So then why the hell was I so caught up with these millennial bossbabes?

Ah, and there it was.

My daughter.

These are the women that my daughter will see when she’s growing and learning and expanding and exploring.

These will be the women who have blazed a different path that will make her curious and think differently.

These are the women that will help her see that ‘traditional’ has expanded into a whole new world.

That following your dreams, having passion for what you do, having a tribe of women you respect and admire is a powerful thing.

So while I might be too damn "old" to follow these women, I will continue to do so.

For these women are paving the path for the next generation.

The opportunities are different, the way the online space can bring people together is different.

The ones spreading light, respect, happiness...living a true, authentic life that lights up your soul...these are the women my daughter will know. And hell, they continue to inspire ME too.

The same as I grew up with stars in my eyes for Oprah, maybe my daughter will look at the Angie Lee’s of the world that same way. How lucky for us to have such light in this world.

I’ll drink some celery juice to that. After I make my son lunch, get my daughter to practice, throw in some laundry...


4 Steps To Eliminating Negative Mind Chatter

spirituality, service business, crystals, healing

How do you hang onto THAT feeling? You know the one...

Where your vision and energy is just lit up and you KNOW what you are meant to do, you KNOW you can help others transform and that you WILL have a successful business.

I don't just mean kind of know it, I mean FEEL it in your body. 

You're bouncing around the house, ideas are flowing, you're basically feeling like superwoman and your following is going to explode and people will be gushing because YOU and only YOU have finally solved their problem. Podcast interviews, speaking, hosting sold-out events...it's ALL happening and you LOVE IT.

Then it's 3pm and you're on the sofa feeling defeated, frustrated and wondering why on earth no one commented on that last post. It was inspiring and amazing and....crickets. Immediately you think you're not cut out for this. You feel lost in a sea of other coaches doing the same thing, wondering if it's even worth it. You're mindlessly moping around the house not getting a thing done.

What the hell happened?!?

If you have found yourself having days like this, you are definitely not alone. I hear you, I feel you and I went through the same thing. 

In my highest vibe I am on stage inspiring women, laughing, feeling needed and having a deep impact on so many coaches. I have made enough consistently that my husband has retired and we live a beautiful and flexible life with our kids. I have amazing support and help around me including a team, someone helping with the house (ah! no more laundry for me!) and my energy is controlled and predictable. 

My flip side was ugly. I suck. No one gives a shit what I say. I spent 8 hours on that Masterclass and only 4 people watched. I should just go back to being a stay at home mom. The online space is too crowded. I'm too old to compete with these cute millennials. I can't balance all this anyway, I'm constantly behind on laundry and the kids schedule.....yikes.

See how quickly that can turn?

As coaches, sometimes that high vibe feeling is fleeting. It's easily replaced by doubt, fear, getting all wrapped up in the what-if's. Then your productivity tanks, you can't come up with a damn thing to post, you play around with your color scheme instead of actually building your business or helping clients. 

How do we take control of this yo yo effect?

First recognize that you won't always be in slay mode. You are going to ebb and flow but the key is that you CHOOSE when to either be in high-vibe, high productivity and when you CHOOSE to be in replenish mode.

Did you catch that?!? I did NOT list a 'beat yourself up and mope around mode' - I said FILL YOURSELF UP mode. We are going to eliminate Mopey Molly because she does not serve our heart and purpose so she's OUT.  

When you are able to move through your day consciously choosing these two modes you will FEEL so much more in control and inspired. 

This will be a work in progress for you but if you can commit to it you'll see incredible growth in your business and go through your days with more ease.  It is still a work in progress for me but I am finding I'm able to move even more quickly into my high-vibe space and it feels so much more like ME. Also, a random bath at 11am does wonders for your soul - it makes me feel so indulgent and creative and reminds me why I chose to not go back to my corporate career!

I really want this for you too so let's dive into what you need!

Here's an outline of how to move toward this and please reach out if you want to go through it together!  Grab a pen and paper - be patient with yourself if this takes a few tries to work through. You may even need to be emotionally IN the space to be able to write these answers so be ready to grab your draft of this and keep expanding on it! 

1. First let's connect with your MAGIC place.

What does it feel like to be there?

What do you see in yourself when you are there?

Who are you serving?

What are some tools you'll use to bring you to that space? (this can be dancing for 10 minutes, essential oils, exercise, breathing in the sunshine, reading client testimonials, listening to music - anything that brings you to that fabulous flow). 

2. Next we think of ways to REPLENISH.

What are some of your favorite ways to relax? (this can be napping, a bath, painting, reading, walking...whatever quiets your mind and let's you refuel).

What can you do for 1 minute, 10 minutes, 30 minutes and 1 hour to recharge? (having options means you never get to say you don't have time to do this!)

What do you need to purchase so you have these plans ready? (new book, epsom salts, new sneakers, oils, etc)

3. Then, we also need to identify triggers that suck the magic out of you.

What completely sucks your energy? (that disaster of a pantry, a call from a friend that drains you, piled up laundry, spending time in FB groups, etc)

What habits or routines are draining you? (that extra glass of wine at night, sleeping in too late so you're frantic with the kids, saying yes to too many things, etc)

What do you need to let go of that keeps dragging you down? (a client that's underpaying, a friendship that has run it's course, the belief that your home should always be spotless, etc)

Sometimes these are hard changes to make and I'm not saying you need to clear it all out on day 1, BUT the awareness and ongoing change is key. 

4. The last step is to come up with your plan for when the negative and mopey mood and thoughts arrive.

When it comes, simply say 'wait, what do I need?'

Then LISTEN to what comes up. Your body and soul know this - it will tell you when you need to step away and replenish or it will say 'dance for 5 minutes then let's SLAY'. 

Use your tools to move into magic (and remember it may take a couple different things to get you there and that's ok!) or go enjoy that replenish time!

Bringing this process into your life over and over is going to allow it to become second nature. You'll move toward this beautiful space of either serving or replenishing yourself and will learn to tune into what you need so you can be the most successful and happy in your life and business.

THAT is what I want for you. A business that fits your life and FEELS good!

Drop a comment below and share one way you love to refill your soul so we can all get some great ideas for our lives!