It's OK to want MORE

This week I’m talking about women - specifically mamas - recognizing that you want MORE…and it’s ok!

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Transcript below:

Hello! Joanne Mosellen here. I help online coaches create offers and find clients so that they have an incredible business that feels good, fits their life and makes them money.

Today I want to share just a quick story with you about a wonderful conversation I had with a woman the other day and it's all about - my message to you today is it’s ok to want MORE.

We had this conversation - we were sitting and watching our kids at swim practice - and talking about this desire to step into entrepreneurship, this desire to do something more. See we had both been home with our children as stay-at-home moms.  While our children are amazing, we both admitted that we need more in our life and that running the house and taking care of all of those things - although those are tasks that needed to be done, we didn't want it to be our existence.

It felt really good to admit this and have this conversation because I think while there's an acknowledgement that we are so grateful and blessed to have been able to be home with our children, I know that’s not something everyone is able to do, it felt really good to admit that it’s not enough for us. We crave a deeper connection, a deeper impact on other people - as well as a deep impact and connection with our children and our spouses.

So I just want to take a moment today and tell you that if in your heart whether you're working or at home or whatever it may be, if you have a tug in your heart for stepping into something maybe a little bit different and fulfilling kind of this dream about connecting with others, having an impact on others, helping other people...that I really encourage you to pursue that. I think it’s a conversation that is really exciting and watching women get lit up about what's possible for them I think is really remarkable.

And so my advice to you if you're in this situation is really follow the signs, follow the nudges. You're going to have a're going to read're going to see something pop up on Instagram...and I just want you to kind of start putting the pieces together.

Allow yourself time to journal. Journaling is a really powerful thing. If you can get up a little bit earlier in the morning or maybe it's before you go to bed at night, allow yourself a little bit of time to just start writing.  Maybe if you need some prompts you can look into some typical journal prompts that people have...but I really just like free writing and just allowing my heart to open up.

Instead of constantly being in the state of giving to others - you know my children, my family and all of these things, like constantly having to DO things, it allows me this time to just let my heart open and receive and tune in. When you can tune into that, it's going to help you lead to the path of what might be next for you.

So if you are someone who has a passion, has a heart for helping others, I think you are really remarkable and I think you’re really needed in this world.  If you have this idea, this desire to step into doing something, please do it.  Find others around you who support you. I'm here online - I love having these conversations and you know just allow this to unfold for you because it's a really powerful thing and there are women and men and children who need your help. So being able to be in this space is a really beautiful thing.

So that’s it for today, I just wanted to let you know it's okay - it's MORE THAN okay, it's EXCITING to want something more in your life and I'm here to support you on that journey.

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