6 FREE Ways To Grow Your Email List

How many times have you heard someone say they are taking a break from email?

Ummm…never, right?

Yet people are taking Facebook, IG, etc off their phones.

They are ‘going dark’ for a few days or a month.

Which means that email marketing is STILL gold. It’s so powerful because it’s not just a ‘social platform’ like Facebook and Instagram - people expect to see promotions. Also, people have CHOSEN to invite you to the space (via opting in) so they are a warmer audience for you. Also, you can track what people are interested in via their click activity. Do you know how amazing it is to see the names of the people who clicked through to read about your high end offer?

Think maybe a good next step is scoping out their social media, seeing where they’re at and sending a genuine message to them? Yeah.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a firm believer in the power of a social media presence for our businesses, BUT you have to be driving people to your email list.

You KNOW this…but are you DOING it?

The number one reason I see people avoiding growing their list?

They think they should wait until they have money to spend on ads.


No, no, no.

Let’s get you started NOW.

I’m going to give you 6 places to slap that killer opt-in link down and start getting people on your LIST!

Real quick…I teach women how to create premium offers. That means beaucoup bucks for their programs.

You DO NOT need thousands and thousands on your list for this! It’s more about the quality here, my friends!

What you need:

  1. Your opt-in. Obvs.

  2. A landing page

  3. Email service provider that’s going to zip that amazing opt-in right over to her inbox…and then follow up with 5+ emails over the next few weeks that makes her say “WOAH, I need to work with this woman.”


1] On your personal AND business facebook page, change the header to a promo for your opt-in.

Something like this:

hello there.png

Even though you can’t actually CLICK through on a link, when they click on the photo, you know what pops up…the Description! RIGHT AT THE TOP say ‘Here’s the FREE photo editor” and drop the link. Then write a couple bullet points of what they’ll get and drop the link again.

On your Facebook Business Page they even make this easier by giving you that awesome button you can customize! Sign-Up Now is a great one and you can even modify your header to use an arrow to point to it.

hello there (1).png

2] In your Facebook Group, you can ask questions that people answer before you accept them into the group. Make one of your questions ‘Can I send you my FREE photo editor so your holiday card finally looks amazing this year?’ Great! Drop your email below:

Yes, this is manual. No, there is no way to save the email after you accept them.

Is it worth it? YES. Carve out 5 minutes every couple days and crank through adding the emails to your ESP (email service provider) and accept members. When I’m on the go and accepting I just screenshot their answers and do it later.

My ESP is set up that I add the subscriber and add a tag. The tag triggers the email to go out. Ah, my love of Convertkit.

3] Instagram bio - put the link to your landing page. No, you shouldn’t use linktr.ee. You give people too many options and they just get confused and suddenly they are clicking on something else and you’ve lost them. One direct link to something that can HELP them and let them know what they’ll get.

4] Post about it. Obvious, but when is the last time you did it? Now, don’t just throw it out there and say ‘hey, grab my free checklist’. It’s an offer - a micro step to them taking action with you so make it a real post. Just because it’s free doesn’t mean you don’t have to promote it in the right way. Have a hook, a headline, the body and the CTA. Let them know why they need it. What their problem is, where they want to be and how this solves it. Use screenshots of a testimonial as social proof.

5] Other people’s groups. There are 3 ways you can do this, we’ll call them Ok, Better and Best.

OK method: Have a spreadsheet or tracking method for all the groups and when you’re allowed to promote. Usually it’s only on a designated post on a designated day. Jump in and add your link, hoping someone will read through instead of just posting their own…hmmm…

Better method: Create your own post - IF ALLOWED - and make the offer. Again, remembering this has to be a real offer. You can have people comment then send them the link. BTW, this is also a great way to build your messenger list when you’re ready for that.

Best method: Work hard to Be HELPFUL and add VALUE on other people’s questions on posts. Within your comment, allude to/mention the tool you have that can help. By ‘allude’ I mean make this a real conversation. Don’t say ‘You can download my checklist with 8 bonus tips!' - that’s not a conversation. What IS a conversation and creates intrigue is something like ‘I now use a a 5-step process when prepping for a sales call that has doubled the clients I get. It feels SO much better and more like ME.” That will lead to people saying, ‘oh, that sounds amazing, are you willing to share?’. Why yes, of course you are. You reply with ‘of course! I’ll message you’!

A real life example: I am in a group and was helping out on a post on pricing. I offered my genuine advice and then said ‘I actually created a calculator that shows my clients how much money they can make each year at different package prices for their 8, 10 or 12 week program. It really helps them see the options and what’s possible.’

Guess what happened? I got comment after comment of ‘can I see that calculator?’ ‘Do you mind sharing it to me too?’. So I then message them the link to the opt-in. {To clarify, this IS a tool that I use with my 1:1 clients, but I also chose to turn it into a lead magnet because it really IS a powerful way to see how just a $500 change in your program price or moving up to 8 clients can impact your life}.

I got over 30 replies to MY comment on someone else’s post. On a Sunday a woman opt-ed in, scheduled a call with me two days later and paid in full for my 1:1 coaching program the next morning. She is amazing and it’s an honor to parter with her.

This strategy works because it allows you to genuinely be helpful and THEN make a micro-offer that can help further.

I do have to also chime in and say that you of course need a killer opt-in and a powerful email sequence. It wasn’t a coincidence she hopped on a call with me ;)

6] Leverage other people’s audiences. Find someone with an audience that could benefit from your offer. ADD VALUE to them via hopping on a live interview, doing a guest blog, do an IG story takeover. Then your CTA (call-to-action) at the end is to grab your opt-in. Again, remembering this is an offer - you need to articulate how enticing it is and how it can help them!

Obviously this list can go on and on as you expand what social media platforms you are on but the point is to STOP WAITING and start growing that list!

Are ads and automation amazing and fun? Yep.

Should you put everything on hold until you’re ready for ads? Uh…no.

Oh, and…I’d be remiss if I didn’t say that I think people also try to scale before they are ready. They dismiss 1:1 work because the ‘experts’ told them it’s not sustainable. Yeah, I call BS on that. 1:1 work is amazing and when you see how much you can make from just 6 or 8 clients at a time, I think you’ll agree. Go play with this calculator and let yourself SEE what’s possible!


Let’s do this together,