I Probably Shouldn't Have Done This, BUT...


I was dealing with some major resistance regarding sales calls. So much resistance, in fact, that I wasn't putting offers out there. 

Weird thing is I have NO issues hopping on the phone and talking with someone. 

I am 100% confident in my pricing - I don't cringe at bringing it up.

I KNOW my program will change the way you do business.

So what was my hangup?

I was trained to use a 'sales script' that I had been given by a coach. And I HATED it.

I figured something was just wrong with me {as I’ve seen SO many people with this approach} and that I just had to get used to it. 


One KEY element to what I teach is a business that FEELS good. 

That means that sometimes the stuff you're taught is just not for you.

So here's what I did to make sure I wasn't just being crazy: I booked a "discovery call" with a woman who's program I was intrigued by...even though I had no intention to buy.

Ok, that's kind of not cool. I don't advocate wasting someone's time...BUT, I also knew this would be a program I would be interested in for the future so I justified it ;)

Being led through her process/script was quite frankly awful.

Pushy, shaming, judgmental. 

She made me feel SMALL. 

Why on earth would I ever want to work with someone that made me feel that way? Shamed into buying?

Why on earth would YOU ever take on a sales process that made people feel that way?

YES, of course getting people enrolled in your program is huge, but it needs to be done in a way that leaves everyone feeling GOOD about the decision. 

Sales calls CAN be a beautiful experience for everyone. It takes 3 key elements (that I now teach within my program because doing it this way is SO much better): 

1) Pre-qualifying the person before you even get on the phone. They will know they belong there with you and so will you.

2) A pre-call nurture sequence so that you are not strangers meeting for the first time. You should not be having them book a call and then saying hi for the first time when you get on the phone.

3) LISTENING. You don't need to be coaching, training, offering too much advice.  And they've already learned about YOU from points 1 & 2 above so no ranting on about yo self.  A client needs to know they are seen, heard and understood and it begins on that call.  It's a balance of maintaining control of the call, asking the right questions and leading them to enrollment.

THAT is an approach that feels right.

This is YOUR business, your life, your story to share. 

Stay you.