Are You Using Automation All Wrong?


I connected with someone recently who was SO excited about the discovery calls that she had on her calendar. A couple women she'd LOVE to work with. She saw the appointment come through, let her mind race with excitement about the potential of booking these ladies into her new coaching program.

This was it. It was HAPPENING! 

The first day came and she got her webcam all set up, made sure the lighting was right, had her notes, it was go time! 

She logged on and waited.


Maybe she's just late...she gave her a few more minutes. 

You know where this is going, right? The woman no-showed. 

My friend felt defeated, frustrated and let down. Who does that?

Well, frankly, a lot of people.  Hold tight and I'll tell you why.

The second call didn't go so well either. It was over the phone and at least the woman picked up - as she frantically raced through a store with kids in tow. 

Ugh. Certainly not someone focused to listen and feel the impact of what her program could do. 

So what happened? Why was she so invested and these callers weren't?

She wasn't a priority.

And it was her own fault.

See, the thing with automation is that it's amazing - it makes the flow of your business so smooth. But you also need to remember the client perspective - it makes booking an appointment SO easy - almost like a no-brainer where they can kind of forget they did it.

So while you're all excited and filled with anticipation about the possibility, they hardly remember your name.


SO..what do we do about it?

As a coach, your job begins the moment that call is booked.

Leading up to the call, this potential client should be receiving a series of emails that leaves them planning their kids TV time around your call. 

A non-negotiable, mommy is BUSY, don't mess with me moment.

Whether it's copy, a few videos {super quick but powerful} or link to a moving blog post, these women should be thinking 'holy shit, I get to get on the phone with this person!'

They will make it happen just like that cup of coffee in the morning is an absolute given.

See, the scheduler you use is merely your calendar. 

You need to go beyond and make the CONNECTION if you hope to bring clients into your business. They should know and like you before they even get on the phone with you! 

Make them curious and intrigued. Make them feel welcomed in your world. Make them know that this time with you is a total game-changer! That they booked with you for a reason and it's time to see it through.

You've got this. 


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