What Is It About Those Millennial #bossbabes?


They get me so fired up.

The passion, the willingness to walk away from ‘traditional’ things like college and corporate jobs.

Man they are badass and beautiful.

They make time for yoga and celery juice and colonics and eyelash extensions. They wear cute rompers and drink fancy coffee replacements.

I’ve watched their IG stories and their posts and they’ve WORKED hard. They have worked YEARS to build up their following and clients. I’m not at all implying that they snapped their fingers and it all happened.

They have raving fans who buy what they put out or what they recommend.

Thousands of clients, sold out programs, podcasts with a million downloads, retreats in Bali?!? At 22, 25, 28?!?!

Hot damn. Maybe if I act like them, do those things, maybe I can have that too!

You guys. I have a confession.

I tried on a romper at the store the other day. I’m not even kidding you.

I should have snapped a pic to remember the moment of what to NEVER EVER do again.

Just like that romper that snugged in all the wrong places, trying to fit in to something you’re not will never work.

Because here’s the truth.

I am not a millenial. Duh.

I am a 41 year old woman.

I have 2 degrees, an incredible career under my belt. I didn’t drop out of college. I worked my ass off to finish it. Then worked my ass of again for my MBA.

I have a husband and 2 children with tutors and baseball and Taekwondo and swim practice. Volunteering at the school, homework, family game night, indulging my daughter’s passion for baking.

I love it, but I can hardly keep our schedule together let alone jet off to BALI.


I do.

Their passion and tenacity and willingness to go for it.

Their self-awareness, willingness to put themselves out there...it makes you believe that incredible things are possible.

I loved watching but there was always that sense that I didn't belong. I mean I could be their MOM, lol!

I had to accept that my people, my tribe...were not theirs. And they were not mine. MY life, MY story was not the same.

Ok, so kind of obvious...but why after this realization am I still watching and commenting?

I was so drawn to them...why??

Was it envy?

Was it wishing my path had been different?

No - I am proud of my education and my career. I LOVED corporate life. Those people and mentors taught me so much.

So then why the hell was I so caught up with these millennial bossbabes?

Ah, and there it was.

My daughter.

These are the women that my daughter will see when she’s growing and learning and expanding and exploring.

These will be the women who have blazed a different path that will make her curious and think differently.

These are the women that will help her see that ‘traditional’ has expanded into a whole new world.

That following your dreams, having passion for what you do, having a tribe of women you respect and admire is a powerful thing.

So while I might be too damn "old" to follow these women, I will continue to do so.

For these women are paving the path for the next generation.

The opportunities are different, the way the online space can bring people together is different.

The ones spreading light, respect, happiness...living a true, authentic life that lights up your soul...these are the women my daughter will know. And hell, they continue to inspire ME too.

The same as I grew up with stars in my eyes for Oprah, maybe my daughter will look at the Angie Lee’s of the world that same way. How lucky for us to have such light in this world.

I’ll drink some celery juice to that. After I make my son lunch, get my daughter to practice, throw in some laundry...