4 Steps To Eliminating Negative Mind Chatter

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How do you hang onto THAT feeling? You know the one...

Where your vision and energy is just lit up and you KNOW what you are meant to do, you KNOW you can help others transform and that you WILL have a successful business.

I don't just mean kind of know it, I mean FEEL it in your body. 

You're bouncing around the house, ideas are flowing, you're basically feeling like superwoman and your following is going to explode and people will be gushing because YOU and only YOU have finally solved their problem. Podcast interviews, speaking, hosting sold-out events...it's ALL happening and you LOVE IT.

Then it's 3pm and you're on the sofa feeling defeated, frustrated and wondering why on earth no one commented on that last post. It was inspiring and amazing and....crickets. Immediately you think you're not cut out for this. You feel lost in a sea of other coaches doing the same thing, wondering if it's even worth it. You're mindlessly moping around the house not getting a thing done.

What the hell happened?!?

If you have found yourself having days like this, you are definitely not alone. I hear you, I feel you and I went through the same thing. 

In my highest vibe I am on stage inspiring women, laughing, feeling needed and having a deep impact on so many coaches. I have made enough consistently that my husband has retired and we live a beautiful and flexible life with our kids. I have amazing support and help around me including a team, someone helping with the house (ah! no more laundry for me!) and my energy is controlled and predictable. 

My flip side was ugly. I suck. No one gives a shit what I say. I spent 8 hours on that Masterclass and only 4 people watched. I should just go back to being a stay at home mom. The online space is too crowded. I'm too old to compete with these cute millennials. I can't balance all this anyway, I'm constantly behind on laundry and the kids schedule.....yikes.

See how quickly that can turn?

As coaches, sometimes that high vibe feeling is fleeting. It's easily replaced by doubt, fear, getting all wrapped up in the what-if's. Then your productivity tanks, you can't come up with a damn thing to post, you play around with your color scheme instead of actually building your business or helping clients. 

How do we take control of this yo yo effect?

First recognize that you won't always be in slay mode. You are going to ebb and flow but the key is that you CHOOSE when to either be in high-vibe, high productivity and when you CHOOSE to be in replenish mode.

Did you catch that?!? I did NOT list a 'beat yourself up and mope around mode' - I said FILL YOURSELF UP mode. We are going to eliminate Mopey Molly because she does not serve our heart and purpose so she's OUT.  

When you are able to move through your day consciously choosing these two modes you will FEEL so much more in control and inspired. 

This will be a work in progress for you but if you can commit to it you'll see incredible growth in your business and go through your days with more ease.  It is still a work in progress for me but I am finding I'm able to move even more quickly into my high-vibe space and it feels so much more like ME. Also, a random bath at 11am does wonders for your soul - it makes me feel so indulgent and creative and reminds me why I chose to not go back to my corporate career!

I really want this for you too so let's dive into what you need!

Here's an outline of how to move toward this and please reach out if you want to go through it together!  Grab a pen and paper - be patient with yourself if this takes a few tries to work through. You may even need to be emotionally IN the space to be able to write these answers so be ready to grab your draft of this and keep expanding on it! 

1. First let's connect with your MAGIC place.

What does it feel like to be there?

What do you see in yourself when you are there?

Who are you serving?

What are some tools you'll use to bring you to that space? (this can be dancing for 10 minutes, essential oils, exercise, breathing in the sunshine, reading client testimonials, listening to music - anything that brings you to that fabulous flow). 

2. Next we think of ways to REPLENISH.

What are some of your favorite ways to relax? (this can be napping, a bath, painting, reading, walking...whatever quiets your mind and let's you refuel).

What can you do for 1 minute, 10 minutes, 30 minutes and 1 hour to recharge? (having options means you never get to say you don't have time to do this!)

What do you need to purchase so you have these plans ready? (new book, epsom salts, new sneakers, oils, etc)

3. Then, we also need to identify triggers that suck the magic out of you.

What completely sucks your energy? (that disaster of a pantry, a call from a friend that drains you, piled up laundry, spending time in FB groups, etc)

What habits or routines are draining you? (that extra glass of wine at night, sleeping in too late so you're frantic with the kids, saying yes to too many things, etc)

What do you need to let go of that keeps dragging you down? (a client that's underpaying, a friendship that has run it's course, the belief that your home should always be spotless, etc)

Sometimes these are hard changes to make and I'm not saying you need to clear it all out on day 1, BUT the awareness and ongoing change is key. 

4. The last step is to come up with your plan for when the negative and mopey mood and thoughts arrive.

When it comes, simply say 'wait, what do I need?'

Then LISTEN to what comes up. Your body and soul know this - it will tell you when you need to step away and replenish or it will say 'dance for 5 minutes then let's SLAY'. 

Use your tools to move into magic (and remember it may take a couple different things to get you there and that's ok!) or go enjoy that replenish time!

Bringing this process into your life over and over is going to allow it to become second nature. You'll move toward this beautiful space of either serving or replenishing yourself and will learn to tune into what you need so you can be the most successful and happy in your life and business.

THAT is what I want for you. A business that fits your life and FEELS good!

Drop a comment below and share one way you love to refill your soul so we can all get some great ideas for our lives!